Midwinter & Lydia Gwilt, Armadale

An earlier version of this page linked to the complete set of illustrations by George H. Thomas for Armadale on, but that website appears to no longer exist.  No other full set of illustrations seems to exist online, but we have linked below to a few partial collections.  Hathi Trust’s complete text of Cornhill Magazine contains the novel’s complete illustrations; you can scroll through the texts linked on our Cornhill page to view them.  If you know of a complete set of Armadale illustrations hosted online, please contact us.


The Victorian Web, which hosts a selection of Armadale illustrations, in some cases also provides critical and historical commentary, along with relevant images from other editions, collated by Jacqueline Banerjee.  We have demarcated them with chapter numbers for easier correspondence with the chapters as we’ve linked them on this website.

Book 1, Chapter 1 (Frontispiece): The Two Armadales

Book 2, Chapter 2: Allan’s Neighbour

Book 2, Chapter 10: Miss Gwilt

Book 3, Chapter 7: The Moth and the Candle

Book 3, Chapter 10: Miss Gwilt and the Gorgons

Book 3, Chapter 14: The End of the Elopement

Book the Last, Chapter 3: One Too Many



Old Book Illustrations hosts the illustrations for Volume I of Armadale.